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23rd October 2014
Preliminary guideline discussion for IMO SDC2. [more...]

17th October 2014
Our PedGo tutorial is now available. [more...]

9th October 2014
Administration workshop in Hamburg. [more...]

9th October 2014
RiMEA workshop in Munich. [more...]

4th September 2014
Article in the dutch Brandveilig. [more...]

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Welcome on our internet pages. TraffGo HT GmbH develops models and software for the simulation of various kinds of traffic. Our main areas of work are:

Simulation of Pedestrian Traffic

The main fields of application are evacuation analyses for surveys and risk analyses in the fire safety engineering industry. Next to this, our simulations are used to evaluate common situations like commuter traffic. We offer licenses of our software PedGo (land based) and AENEAS (maritime applications), or we perform analyses as service for our customers.

Simulation of Inland Navigation

Within a research project for the Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Insitute (BAW) we simulate the traffic of ships on Germanys waterways. This allows for the prediction of holding durations at bottlenecks, and the evaluation of modifications to the waterways.

Scientific Research

We accompany several research projects in the areas named above in order to obtain the scientific background of our work.

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In case you did not find the information you were looking for on our homepage, feel free to contact us. It is a pleasure to help you.

General Questions & Projects

Software & Support
Phone.:+49-461-168 46 51

PedGos certificate of Germanys See-Berufsgenossenschaft and other documents are available in the download section.