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23. January 2024

Translating the RiMEA guideline resulted in a few minor mistakes (hyphens, references...). They have been corrected and the new versions have already been sent to the organizations members. The new version number is 4.0.1 and documents on the RiMEA homepage will be updated soon.

The guideline is available in German, German-English and German-French.

15. January 2024

Christmas 2023 came suddenly, so before the rat race accelerates and Easter celebrations start, we wish you a good 2024! As always, we are using a self drawn card for this, just like in old times. The German word for "rat race" is "hamster wheel". ;o)

30./31. August 2023

We thank FSE Ruhrhofer & Schweitzer GmbH for their invitation to the fire safety conference!

Tim Meyer-König had filled in for the presentation Evacuation Simulations – Update of existing guidelines. Of course we knew, that such a topic is not that compelling an can get quite lengthy, but the audience was open minded and humorous (thank you!), so an entertaining and informative presentation around the dry guidelines RiMEA v4, DIN18009-2 und ISO20414 and their impact on evacuation analyses was no problem.

RiMEA, the cooking recipe.
DIN, the novel.
ISO, for developers.

You can find our presentation here (in German).

19th March 2020

Since sitting in our home office is our daily routine anyway, the current situation in the world does not change anything regarding our work. Bruno Duchene has moved to his own home office and Steffi und Tim Meyer-König are sitting on their usual places. They are however "helped" by their children... ;o) Thus, we stay available for you as usual.
Please contact us in case of questions, either by phone or via email.

13th March 2020

Due to the Corona epidemic, we today got the notice from the RiMEA e.V. that the annual general assembly was cancelled. It will probably be repeated when things get back to normal.

1st January 2020

So suddenly, christmas 2019 was there. :o) We did not send any christmas chards, not even a christmas email. We did however donate 500 EUR to the Schutzengel e.V., a charity association helping families (especially their childern), which have very little financial capabilities.
However, we do wish you a very nice 2020 and are looking forward to working with you.