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No matter if buildings, ships, or airplanes, for all constructions holding large amounts of persons the question of how to handle these crowds will arise during the design process. Next to dayly traffic (e.g. commuters), evacuations represent an intensed case. How long will it take until all persons have reached safety? Will congestions occur and how can they be avoided? How many persons can be permitted at an event? These are most of the questions asked by our customers dealing with evacuation concepts. Thanks to our simulation software, we can give answers to most of their questions.

Our Work

The core of our work is our simulation software for pedestrians. For land based applications the software is called PedGo, while AENEAS is specialized to suite the needs of maritime applications. The software can be used to analyse daily situations (e.g. train stations) and evacuation scenarios in order to predict congestions and durations. We offer licences as well as analyses as a service. In the building industry, evacuation simulations are mostly performed within the context of fire safety engineering projects. For ships, the analyses are used to demonstrate compliance with national and international guidelines.

PedGo demo version

We offer a demo version for the software PedGo. If you wish to test PedGo, you have to fill in the order form and send it to us. You will immediately obtain all required programs and information.[more...]

Order Form for Demo Version

You can download the newest version of the free 3D Viewer in the download section.