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Research & Development


Through participating in national research projects, even as a small company we can afford important fundamental research. As an example, the core know how of our division pedestrians originates from the German research project BYPASS (1999-2002) and will be amended by the results of the follop-up research project PESOS (2002-2006).


It is one of our special work areas, to develop simple models for the simulation of logistical events. Our best example for such work is the SimRoP project which we performed in co-operation with the shipyard HDW (Kiel,Germany). We developped a model and implemented it into a software to simulate loading and unloading processes of cars and trucks onboard of ferries. The project was conducted by a student research project which we guided on an organisational and academic level. Thus the expences for the yard remained on a manageable level.

For Students

Our team is young and we can all remember our times at the university. This is why we have a good insight into the needs of students, while we have a big repertoire of possible student research projects at hand. If your studies draw to a close and you are looking for an industrial tutor from our work areas, feel free to contact us! In most cases we were able to find a solution for our students.