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Project Description

During their time at the University of Duisburg, Hubert Klüpfel and Tim Meyer-König both worked on the research project BYPASS, which was funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research. The aim of the project was to improve the model for pedestrian simulation, formerly developped by Tim Meyer-König as well as to establish new guidlines at the IMO (International Maritime Organization) for the evacuation analysis of passenger ships.
Within the projects time frame of three years (1999-2002), all goals were achieved. From the results of the project, we developped our simulation software PedGo (and AENEAS) and the new IMO circular MSC/Circ.1033 now describes, how microscopic evacuation simulations have to be performed. Within BYPASS we conducted several well documented evacuation trials, simulated the evacuations of various ships and initiated the PED conference series 2001 in Duisburg.

Project Partners

Only the workgroup Physics of Transport and Traffic was funded. However, due to the relevance of the project for the maritime industry, after a short while Meyerwerft, Flensburger Schiffbau Gesellschaft (FSG) and the German Ministry of Transport and Housing (BMVBW) supported the Project.


2.759 kB Final report of the BYPASS-Projekts.
136 kB Report of an evacuation trial in a cinema.
352 kB Report of an evacuation trial in a cinema (German version).
92 kB Report of an evacuation trial in an elementary school.
861 kB Report of an evacuation trial in an elementary school (German version).
43 kB Report of an evacuation trial in a grammar school.

Logo of the BYPASS project.

Evacuation trial in a cinema.