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Project Description

When designing ferries, sooner or later the question on how to layout the car decks and the ramps arises. Depending on the complexity of a vessel (number of decks and ramps), the loading/unloading process can also be very complex. However, even simple questions often arise (should lanes be onloaded lanewise or parallel?). One would wish for tests, but performed during normal service, they can quickly escalate into an expensive experiment. This is why a demand for simulations existed.
During the SimRoP project, data onboard of three ferries was gathered and used to develop a continuous model with crafts bound to their lanes. The Model was implemented into a software which can be used for simulations.
This extensive project was handled by Jochen Hundemer, a naval architecture student from the University Duisburg-Essen. His work was outstanding and he managed to complete all tasks, including the development of a user friendly software which we had not expected. It offers the import of dxf files and allows for easy simulations. His work has truly exceeded all our expectations.

Project Partners

We were asked for thsi project by the HDW shipyard (Howaldswerke Deutsche Werft) in Kiel. It was conducted together with their design department. During the gathering of the empirical data, we were supported by Stena Line, Scandlines and Superfast.


11.583 MB Student research project from Jochen Hundemer, Simulation of loading processes onboard RoRo ships, 2004, University Duisburg-Essen.

Loading of trucks.

Trucks are lashed with these devices.