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Student Projects


The recollection about our study projects and theses is still fresh, so we know that a good supervision and free access to scientific software is essential for a good result. This we appreciate the support of students, e.g. with our software PedGo.
Students can order a demo licence (see "Pedestrians"), which allows for the simulation of 20 agents. This is adequate for modelling and testing a project. Afterwards, the true numbers of persons are added to the model and the project file is sent to us. After running the simulation on it, we return the results.
Of course we also just answer questions, so if you have some, feel free to contact us.


By courtesy of the students, we're allowed to present their study projects and theses on this homepage:

5.1 MB Masterthesis of Susann Schuler, Safety of Passengers during Evacuation Processes - Alternative Escape Routes, 2014, University Bremen.
5.46 MB Study project of Philipp Dahlke, Christoph Peters, Carsten Schramm, Christopher Tröger und Viola Weinert, Analysis of Evacuations in the Berlin Prater, 2012, Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin.
27.5 MB Master thesis of Frank Leymann, Evacuation Analysis with a computer based model for three sports halls, 2012, University of Applied Sciences Berlin.
9.56 MB Master thesis of Paul Geoerg, Comparative study for the assessment of escape route situations by means of evacuations simulations on the basis of characteristic geometries, 2012, Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg.
6.84 MB Study project of Tobias Felske, Jan-Ole Hansen, Rico Kerstan and Gabriel Lau, Development of an Evacuation Concept for the Marion-Dönhoff-Gymnasium Mölln, 2011, University for Applied Sciences, Hamburg.
4.71 MB Diploma thesis of Dirk Durst, Evacuation Analysis of a District of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, 2010, Hamburger Fern-Hochschule.
3.78 MB Diploma thesis of Sven Hebben, Guide for the preparation of an evacuation expertise on the basis of evacuation simulation and their assessment of regulatory agencies, 2008, UniversitätDuisburg-Essen.
2.51 MB Student research project of Dirk Durst, Evacuation of an Underground Railway Station: Comparison of computer-aided analysis and manual calculation, 2008, Hamburger Fern-Hochschule.
23.2 MB Diploma thesis of Manuela Wilk (external link), Evacuation calculations as part of risk analyses for fire safety concepts and proof for the egress routes concept, 2005, University of Leipzig.
2.58 MB Diploma thesis of Christian Rogsch, Comparison of Software Tools for Simulating Pedestrian Flows, 2005, University of Wuppertal and Research Center Jülich.
11.58 MB Research project of Jochen Hundemer, Simulation of loading and unloading onboard RoRo vessels, 2004, University Duisburg-Essen.