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Project Description

PESOS is the follow up to BYPASS. Planned for three years, it started in 2002. Due to the success of BYPASS, it is a lot more complex and the work is divided into the following work packages (WP):
WP1: Networking
WP2: Fire and Smoke
WP3: Pedestrian Flows
WP4: Comparison of Methods
WP5: Embarkation
WP6: Crew Training
WP7: Experiments and Validation
AP8: Directional Sound

Project Partners

Officially, we as TraffGo HT are not directly participating in PESOS, but our co-operation partner Germanischer Lloyd AG and our customers (Meyerwerft, FSG) are working on the project, which is lead by the workgroup Physics of Transport and Traffic. Germanys Ministry of Traffic and Housing (BMVBW) has a fundamental interest in the project.
After PESOS ist completed, the essential results will be encorporated into our simulation programs PedGo and AENEAS. This is why we accompany the project.

Homepage of the project:, then choose the icon PESOS.

Logo of the PESOS-Projekts ((c) Uni Duisburg-Essen).

Smoke simulation in an enginge room ((c) Germanischer Lloyd AG).