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  Validation & Verification

Validation and Verification

Validation and verification are necessary elements of software engineering, in order to ensure the correct functionality of the software. Furthermore validation and verification helps to gain acceptance for the software and its results.

On the following pages you will find information about validation and verification of the software PedGo und AENEAS. The information is structured in the following way:

The topic IMO contains the illustration of simulated test cases given by the IMO regulations. Furthermore the documentation of the input data and the results of the simulation and the certificate of the SeeBG is available for download.

The topic RiMEA contains the illustration of simulated test cases given by the RiMEA (Richtlinie für Mikroskopische Entfluchtungsanalysen) regulations. Additionally a documentation about the evaluation of the results is available for download (in german).

The topic Comparison provides documentation about comparisons of the software PedGo and AENEAS with experiments, simulations and hand calculation methods.

The functions of the software PedGo and AENEAS is documented in the manual. The manual is available for download at Downloads.

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