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The IMO MSC.1/Circ.1238 "Guidelines for Evacuation Analysis for new and existing Passanger Ships" defines how to accomplish an evacuation analysis with a software tool. Annex 3 of this guideline gives a guidance on validation and verification of evacuation simulation tools. The simulation results of the testcases given in the guidance are presented in the following.

PedGo and AENEAS meet the requirements of the IMO MSC.1/Circ. 1238. This is certified by the German Maritime Authority (BG Verkehr). The Certificate is available for download below. In this manner PedGo and AENEAS are the only person flow simulations, which are certified by an independent institution.


IMO Analysis Report,
The report describes the input data for the test cases and the simulation results of PedGo and AENEAS.
Report, pdf, 0,2 MB


See BG Certificate,
Certificate of the German Maritime Authority (BG Verkehr) for PedGo and AENEAS.
Certificate, pdf, 0,5 MB

Test Cases

Test 4,
Exit Flow Rate.
The diagramm of the analysis of the person flow at the exit is shown here.
Test 5,
Response Time.
The diagram of the distribution of the individual response times is shown here.
Test 6,
Rounding Corners.
Test 10,
Exit Route Allocation.
The assignment of the exit to the persons can be shown by the paths of the persons. The path plot of the situation shown on the left hand side is illustrated here.
Test 11,
The density plot of the situation shown on the left hand side is illustrated here.

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