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You can contact us to perform pedestrian evacuation analyses and simulations for you. These are based on our software

  • PedGo® (for buildings) and
  • AENEAS (for ships).

  • All the know-how and expertise we have gained by participating in various research projects will be available for your benefit.
    Our staff members have long and thorough experience in the field of pedestrian and crowd dynamics from academia as well as working as consultants. We have a network of cooperations with most of the top researchers in this field. By commisioning us you have the additional opportunity to have difficult or tedious cases handled by us and thus have access to further expertise and know-how. For additional information about the analysis procedure a check list for evacuation analyses is available for download.
    If it is best for you to have the simulations performed by yourself, you can order a licence of PedGo® or AENEAS.

    In addition to the simulation of person flows, we offer you the calculation of person flows by so called "handcalculation-methods". Our repertoire comprises the calculation of person flows by methods of

  • Predtetschenski-Milinski or
  • NFPA 130.
  • Especially in the maritime field we offer you the calculation of the evacuation by the simplified methods according to

  • MSC/Circ. 1166 or
  • MSC.1/Circ. 1238.

  • Crowding at the "Oktoberfest"/Munich.

    Westfalenstadion of Dortmund.