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In addition to the 2-dimensional animation, which is generated by PedGo, PedView provides the opportunity to visualize the simulated process 3-dimensional. The information of each person is saved in the PedGo-format *.3dl. The advantage of this format over conventional AVI-files is, that they need lower disk space. So these files are much easier to handle. The viewer consists of a standalone executable file and does not need an installation. Furthermore the viewer is very efficient concerning to memory and CPU usage.

The PedView window. The perspective can be easily varied via mouse control.

The handling of PedView is similar to the handling of a mediaplayer. There are, among other things, the functions play, stop, forward und rewind, which let the 3dl-file be treated like a video. During playback it is possible to change the layer and within the layer the perspective is continously adjustable. PedView also allows you to make single screenshots or screenshot series for an additional documentation.

The three-dimensional visualization helps you to keep the overview of a project. To get a better view it is also possible to place and remove external lights.

Screenshot of the Aeneas-Dampfer.

The viewer unites two options: At first PedView can be used as a videoplayer of arranged projects. Secondary the software enhances creating presentations by visualizing in a three-dimensional way and the output of screenshots.

System requirements

Like the other programs of the software package PedView also has only small requirements for your system. You should at least use:

  • System: Microsoft Windows '95, '98, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Vista or 7
  • CPU: minimum an Intel Pentium with 90 MHz
  • Memory: 128 MB RAM is sufficient for large vessels and facilities
  • Graphics: XGA with 24bit color depth and a resolution of 1024x768, it also has to support Open GL

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